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Website Design

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. It is usually your clients’ first exposure to your business, and forms a lasting impression. At Brentwood Visual, we do more than build your website: we build beautiful, compelling digital marketing platforms that convert leads into clients, and clients into fans.

Action Oriented Design

You can find plenty of developers out there who can drop your content into a template. At Brentwood Visual, we help you build a marketing platform that engages, informs, and guides your audience. Throughout your site, each page is built with a clear objective, and we tailor the layout, text, images, and navigation to achieve that goal.

Search-Friendly Architecture

We build each site following best practices for search engine optimization, meaning that even if you’re doing doing an extensive SEO campaign, your site will be optimized to deliver the best possible results right from the start.

Simple management, cost-efficient updates

Our content management system is more than a glorified blogging platform - it’s a full featured production powerhouse designed to grow with you from even the simplest website all the way up to enterprise-level web platforms. The online management interface facilitates painless updates of content, features, and design at any time.

Responsive, beautiful.

The days of building separate websites for mobile browsers are over (and not a moment too soon!). Every site that Brentwood Visual creates is fully mobile-responsive, gracefully and automatically adapting itself to any screen size or resolution from large-format desktop displays to the smallest mobile screens.

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